September 22, 2021




Owners of vehicles that cannot pass vehicle inspections have to either remove the catalytic converters illegally from their vehicles or they may have to buy a new one, paying high costs.

The clogged diesel particulate filter or catalytic converter can be cleaned in a short time with combining the machine with the special formula solvent. The micro level pores that are placed inside the ceramic structure can be cleaned in 30 minutes without damaging any external component. With this process, all cells of the catalytic converter is opened and it can be installed to the vehicle again. The special formula solvent becomes active at high temperature (70-80 degrees) and only purifies the catalytic converter from particulate, soot and burnt fuel residue.

With this cleaning process, the warning light goes off, the traction of the vehicle increases, it consumes less fuel and generates more power. A noticable difference would be experienced in the first use after cleaning.

Since the catalytic converter has a fragile structure, it needs maximum attention during both disassemble and post-cleaning assemble. Any cleaning process shouldn’t be applied if the ceramic structure inside the catalytic converter is damaged or displaced,