July 28, 2021




Automatic cleaning machine allows cleaning with the auto-control system using the on-off function from the control panel. After attaching the diesel particulate filter or the catalytic converter and closing the door of the cabinet, cleaning process can be started with the help of the control panel.

Exact cleaning and reaction conditions of the product are provided when the liquid reaches a temperature of 80 degrees. Our machine starts the cleaning process with raising the liquid temperature to 80 degrees.

The machine is manufactured in AISI 304 quality indexed to the cleaning product used. Cabinet cleaner is isolating the particulate filter or catalytic converter from the open environment and operates the cleaning process visibly in a closed cabin. With inserting a special ventilation system, the process steam can be removed from the cleaning environment.

All the metal components of the machine is manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Suppliers and brands are prefered that have proven their qualities for all components and details, The product provides long life and durability in terms of quality.


DPF and catalytic converters can be bound up to 175 cm
Clamping apparatus for 40-90 mm diameter
Flow rate adjustment with automatic electric valve
Water flow power adjustment max. 0-5 bar
Dirty waste collecting tank
Tank and water level control sensor
Resistance protection sensor
380 volts AC operating (optional 220V)
Operating with compressor between 5-10 bars
Ejecting the softened dirt out with air pressure


HEIGHT255 cm
WIDTH135 cm
DEPTH110 cm
WEIGHT177 kg
POWER380 Volt, 8 KW, 15 AH
3 Phase + 1 Neutral + 1 External Grounding