July 28, 2021


DPF and catalytic converter cleaning machine provides solution to the blockage problem inside the catalytic converters and the diesel particulate filters.  Although there had been various cleaning systems that allow cleaning without removing the filter from the car, it was determined that no definite solution could be obtained. The cleaning machine that is giving positive results after long tests made on different vehicles provides %100 solution in DPF and catalytic converter cleaning.

The main causes of the blockage inside the DPF and the catalytic converter are quality of the fuel used, pauses in heavy traffic and the vehicle usage. The %100 solution of the blockage that occurs as a result of these problems can definitely be provided by removing the filter from the car and applying the cleaning process in the machine.

During the cleaning process, only the soot and solid waste of toxic gases are cleaned while absolutely no damage is given to the structure of the DPF or catalytic converter. The product is solvent-free and non-corrosive. So our company guarantees that the structure of the filter is not going to deteriorate.

For a clean environment and long life of the vehicles, diesel particulate filters and catalytic converter should be regularly cleaned in every 50.000 kilometers.