September 22, 2021



DPF full see handbook – error mostly arises from improper filter / sensor or another issue in the efficiency of the particulate filter caused by exhaust leaking which is defined as Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1.

DPF full see handbook error
DPF full see handbook error

Causes of diesel particulate filter clogging:

  • Low quality oil usage
  • End of the diesel particulate filter’s service life (which is 100.000 to 150.000 kilometres depending on the vehicle)
  • Broken or cracked ceramic particles that haven’t completed their recycle.
  • City usage with low rpm
  • Unsolved issues in the fuel assembly such as turbo, egr, injectors etc.
  • Insufficient or incomplete additive chemicals that are used instead of the standard dpf scr cleaning systems
  • Low quality chemicals used for cleaning.
  • Malfunction of sensors such as exhaust gas temperature sensor, diesel particulate filter pressure sensor, oxygen sensor
  • Inability of the ECU to adjust regeneration times as a result of improper low quality spare parts usage.

Why Should I Replace or Clean the Diesel Particulate Filter?

The situations that will require diesel particulate filter replacement or cleaning:

  • Receiving the same errors repeatedly despite all the cleaning applications.
  • Completion of diesel particulate filter’s service life which is around 100.000 – 150.000 kilometres.
  • Loss in traction performance of the vehicle.
  • Increase in fuel consumption around %20 – %30
  • Smoke ejection from the exhaust or smell of unburned exhaust gas.
  • Problems sourced from non-standard figures at the values in vehicle like pressure, temperature or air. (Such as malfunction of start-stop)

Factory Recommended Regeneration That You Can Try

Find a road on which you will be able to drive over 70 km/h constantly for 15 – 20 minutes. Keep 2500 – 3000 rpm with 70 km/h speed. Don’t rev the engine too high because higher than 3000 rpm is not needed. In manual transmissions, the gear you should choose is 1 gear lower than you usually use. In automatic transmissions, sport mode should be chosen. If there is no sport mode and there is manual option, you can use 1 gear lower than usual.  After a maximum of 20 minutes of driving this way, if the light is not still off, the vehicle should be serviced. If both the DPF and the engine lights are on than the vehicle should not be driven.

This process shouldn’t be tried for more than once. At the end of the process, get the car to stop mode and take the key out. Wait for 5 minutes for reset and then start the vehicle again.

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