September 22, 2021



When we face catalytic converter failure, it can be understood from some other possible problems in fuel assembly or the amount of oxygen in catalytic converter. Each vehicle has its own emission software. The warning light may turn on when the filter stops functioning or if there is a problem in the ignition system of the Clogged catalytic converter vehicle. When the catalytic converter value is lower or higher than the threshold value in ECU, you can see the warning light. This warning light may be the LAMBDA SENSOR or with the other name OXYGEN SENSOR. When this warning light is seen, the vehicle should be checked by the mechanical service as soon as possible.

Catalytic Converter Failure and Symptoms

  • Negative changes in the performance of the vehicle.
  • Increase in fuel consumption.
  • Loss in traction or issues like misfire, stalling etc.
  • Smell of unburned exhaust gas in launches.
  • High air pollution
  • Low emission values and exhaust inspection failure.

When something goes wrong in the interior oxygen amount, the ignition system or some other electronic components may not work properly. This causes high fuel consumption. Another is that the vehicle may shake noticeably. This is the sign of a malfunction in the bobbin. Also the defective filter may eject unburned exhaust gas. So this could make uncomfortably high level of smell inside the vehicle.

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