September 22, 2021



The vehicles that we have been using are ejecting the harmful gases that are polluting the atmosphere. The particulate filter aims to minimize this pollution. But what happens if this particulate filter is clogged or what are the consequences if this filter is deactivated?

Firstly let’s examine this special filter. Because there is an ECU automation system in new generation vehicles, in case the filter is clogged, it is detected by this system and the warning light becomes on. This is not a situation to worry about because clogging is actually an ordinary situation in particulate filters and it happens depending on the frequency that you use your vehicle. A filter that contains a regeneration system keeps the combustion particulates in its honeycomb structure and applies a burning process. If these burnt materials are not cleaned out after a while, the particulate filter may be clogged.

The pressure and temperature balances of the vehicle are broken when the particulate filter is clogged.

The main parts that may be damaged are:

  • Turbo
  • EGR Valve
  • Injectors and other engine assembly respectively
  • Start/stop system

When the filter is clogged, you may experience various issues like loss of traction, smell of unburned exhaust gas, high fuel consumption, injector turbo egr valve errors, deactivation of start/stop, ejection of black smoke and unbalanced or noisy running of the engine. After the particulate filter is cleaned or replaced, such problems would have been corrected.

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, particulate filter can be cleaned in 1-3 hours. During this process, the diesel particulate filter is un-mounted and the interior ceramic honeycomb is cleaned with the help of high pressure and without use of any chemical or additive materials. Because, in many cases chemical materials may react with the exhaust temperature and become a petrified waste inside the filter. So this means, you clog your exhaust while you want to clean it and the DPF issues usually continue.


Blockage Inside the Diesel Particulate Filter Causes Loss of Power.

When the particulate filter is clogged, the first sign of it is loss in the performance of the engine. So we can say that the diesel particulate filter blockage affects the general performance of the vehicle. Also loss of traction in the launches is another sign of filter blockage. But of course you would have already received the blockage sign when the DPF warning light is on, showing the filter blockage of the vehicle. Another critical point is using engine oil with international standards, especially in diesel vehicles. Because another basic factor for particulate filter blockage is the engine oil.

Cancellation of Diesel Particulate Filter is Extremely Harmful Both Environmentally and Financially

Unfortunately, vehicle owners are not well informed about filter cancellation. So the conclusion may be a failure.

In case of filter cancellation, inevitable highly poisonous unburned exhaust gases infiltrate inside the vehicle. Vehicles original software turns into non-standard software. The fuel assembly of the vehicle is completely deteriorated. So the performance of the vehicle is decreased each day. Cancelling this system and changing the software of the vehicle can end up with high and endless expenses.

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