September 22, 2021




Turbo is a component that is using the ejecting energy in the exhaust gas and provides additional air pressured power to the engine. It uses the exhaust gas and the incoming energy to provide additional power to the engine with the kinetic transformation. A turbo powered engine can generate up to 7 times more power than a same size atmospheric engine. In standard applications, it is possible to increase the engine power up to 2 times more thanks to the turbo system. So the vehicle gives better response and provides safer driving. The vehicle becomes ready to give much quicker reaction to throttle. This gives an advantage in terms of performance and helps the vehicle to get away from dangerous situations with quick revving during risky overtakes in road conditions. Turbo systems prevents performance decrease in high altitudes and provides a noticeable advantage especially for trucks and 4×4 off-road vehicles.


To sum up the advantages:

  • It increases the engine power and torque.
  • Decreases the fuel consumption of diesel engines, decreases the harmful exhaust gas waste.
  • Allows the use of smaller and lighter engines.

An average turbocharger transforms air equal to the inner volume of a minivan in 1 minute and it’s very easy for this system to go from 20.000 rpm to 150.000 rpm in a few seconds. Contrary to popular belief, turbochargers are components that are working in high temperatures.

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